Importance of Planning in Selling a Healthcare Business 

The Importance of Planning in Selling your Home Care, Hospice, or Healthcare Business

When you finally decide that you are ready to sell your healthcare business, the next steps can be very overwhelming. You may be asking yourself “what is the next step?” Corporate Acquisition Partners, the nation’s leading healthcare merger and acquisition advisory firm, will provide experienced insight on the selling process and the importance of planning your exit strategy.

In today’s market, small businesses only have a 25% chance of selling. Planning and having the correct tools accessible in the selling process are essential to your selling success. Contact our firm today to learn how we help owners / sellers sell their healthcare businesses.

The Planning Process: “I’m selling my healthcare business, now what?!”

Even though you know all the work you have put into developing and growing your healthcare business, it may not be visible to potential buyers. In order for prospective buyers to see your company’s potential, it is necessary to be organized. We all know that organization may not always be the easiest, especially when you are active in many aspects of your business such as operations, sales, etc. However, taking the time up front to organize your business for selling success will improve your chances for a better ROI! 

Corporate Acquisition Partners (COAQP) strives to make the selling process easier for you. Along with assisting in organization, we will work  to match your business with the best prospective buyer candidate, and assist in each step of the process to close! With over 40 years of experience and knowledge in healthcare acquisitions, our advisors will ensure that you have the right tools and resources.

Getting Started – Start Organizing Your Business, Structuring To Improve Your Success In Selling

Three things you should have organized and a full understanding of while going into the selling process are your:

      • Financials
      • Credentials
      • Licensure

These are your main selling and marketing points that potential buyers expect to know right from the beginning. Having them organized will help speed up the selling process; buyers can immediately determine if they are interested or not based on these key qualities.

Exit Strategy Plan

Selling your healthcare business can be very emotionally draining. To help minimize stress in the process, you have to develop a plan. Questions to ask yourself before selling your company:

      • Am I ready to sell- emotionally and financially?
      • What happens after the sale?
      • Do I have the resources to sell this on my own or do I need to connect with an experienced advisor to ensure that the sale doesn’t fail?
      • What is my company worth and my asking price?
      • What are obstacles in selling my business going to be?
      • What are the legal actions that must be taken to sell my agency?

Some of these questions can be very challenging to answer. Contact our firm to learn more about our services.

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