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Corporate Acquisition Partners represents private equity firms, corporations, and investors wanting to grow through acquisition or merger. With over 40 years of experience in buy-side representation in the healthcare space, our firm partners with clients to develop successful acquisition strategies unique to their individual goals. Examples of services performed for clients include identifying prospective Seller targets by healthcare segment, SIC code, initiate contact with owner, seller, board to gauge interest in being acquired, after receiving a definitive yes / no from key stakeholders, we will make introductions as appropriate, negotiate terms of agreement, perform due diligence, and upon close assist with change of ownership, other regulatory and compliance measures, and provide transition strategy and support as needed. 


Our firm has developed a national network of close relationships with healthcare business owners willing to sell to a qualified buyer, but prefer to remain “hidden”, not listed for sale due to competitive and staff related concerns that could impact their business growth. Through 40 years of industry experience we estimate there are 5 times as many healthcare business owners who are interested in selling but prefer to stay “hidden” than there are companies listed for sale.  We help uncover and attain access to these “hidden” opportunities in the market, creating target lists, executing on multifocal campaigns to deliver upon these target opportunities,  and meet our client's acquisition criteria. 



Need help with licensing, accreditation, change of ownership (CHOW), or due diligence? Our experienced consultants, CPAs, and clinical staff are available to help you with all acquisition and transition support needs. Our experience professionals are available to support all your buyer acquisition needs including due diligence, cost reporting, licensing, accreditation, change of ownership, financial, operational, re-certification, regulatory, clinical, staffing and other customized support services. With over thirty years of expertise we make a difference in your acquisition process needs, minimizing stress, and delivering on-time results for your business. Contact us today for a custom quote specific to your acquisition needs.


As one of the nations leading healthcare merger and acquisition advisory firms, Corporate Acquisition Partners is available for consulting, operational, clinical, regulatory, and many other support needs. With our specialty knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry, we provide buyer solutions and support to assist in making a difference in our client's business objectives. Contact us today for a FREE confidential consultation to discuss your business needs.